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How many miles till synthetic oil?

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How many miles on a new engine until I replace the standard dino oil with synthetic?

On street bikes I normally change the oil at 100, 500, and 1000 with regular dino and then every 3K thereafter with Mobil 1 15W50.

My new 02 WR has but 50 miles on it and I did my

first oil change with a good dino. I'd like to go ahead and change the oil again at around 100-150 miles. The oil filter had lots of metal flakes in it at the oil change. I'm going to keep it in a baggie to compare it to the next time I change. I did install a TyRacing mag drain plug as well. It will be interesting to see if it catches any metal. It was able to hold up a 12" crescent wrench!

Due to the high-strung nature of this bike I'm guessing it may be okay to change to synthetic as early as 200+ miles? Any personal data would be appreciated.

Heading out on Monday to get 50-100 miles on the bike down in Pueblo, Colorado. Gonna be in the



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Yamaha says these motors are competition ready after 1 hour of running.

I think these clutches like the change to synth asap to avoid slippage.

I also run a ti plug with a scotts filter.

I always have a lot of metal shmeg on the filter, mostly aluminum detrius.

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