Trail sprocket?

Can anyone recommend a rear sprocket for an 07 450? I need something that will allow me to go slow through some very tight stuff and I don't want to change the front sprocket. I bought a 51 tooth with the bike and it's not even close to being low enough. Just curious to see what others are running. Thanks in advance,


If you go much bigger, you're going to start dragging the chain too hard across the back edge of the chain guide. You could drop to a 12 in front, though.

If a 51 is "not even close to being low enough", then you need to either go faster, learn to use the clutch more, buy a Rekluse auto clutch, trade the bike in for a good enduro ride, or save up to swap the wide ratio gear set from an '07 WR450 into the bike. All MX bikes will have this same sort of limitation, since they are all built with close ratio boxes for racing.

It should be noted that the Rekluse isn't a fix for the wrong gearing. If your riding too slow in 1st gear (or any gear) it will heat the clutch up and kill the fibers.

IMO, change the front sprocket. They are cheap and you could get a couple to play around with until you find the perfect gearing for your skill level.

All very good points. Gray, what I should have asked is how big can I go on the back sprocket before I start to run into problems? The bike works ok; like you said it's just a matter of clutch but any less of that I can do would be beneficial. What I am trying to accomplish here is a trail setup with one set of wheels and a supermoto with the other which is why I don't want to touch the front sprocket. Believe me, the WR tranny would solve all this and it's definitely on the list. I'm just not going to get a chance to do it for a couple months and I am trying to compromise.

IIRC, 52/53 is the practical limit without modifying the chain guide.

what about a flywheel weight? i have a heavier flywheel weight, a 13 front spront and 52 rear. I ride 99% trail.

i think a flywheel weight is one of the best additions that you could make. I dont have one on my new 06, but i thourouly enjoyed mine on my yz400. A cheaper route is to change the front though. You will see alot bigger change by going down one tooth in the front than going up one in the rear.

Thank you for the input! I'm running a 10oz weight atm and love it. I'm just trying to get some gearing dialed in and be able to change my setup quickly. Thanks,


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