1997 Xr60r Mpg

What kind of gas milege do you guys get with your XR600Rs. This would be for city riding. I found a 97 and i'm thinking of buying to to ride on the road to save miles and fuel. Thanks, Tyrell:ride:

I think that you will get the standard bike mileage of 40 to 45 mpg. Just about every bike that I have had falls into that range. If you really baby it you might get a little over 45, but that's about it.

If you are looking to save money a bike is usually not the way to do it. By the time you pay for the bike and tires the cost is usually pretty high. Gas can be one of the smaller costs. Do it for the fun factor. I picked up an old street bike for driving back and forth to work. It only cost $500 to buy it and get it on the road. The tires last a lot longer than they do on my XR600.

Well the bike is street legal but I also ride it around when i wasnt riding my 400ex or one of the other dirtbikes. we have alot of chat piles here in southwest missouri. Their kind fun to ride on. It deffinatly wouldnt be main mode of transportation.

I'm buying the dirt bike for the dirtbike, The street legal part is just a bonus.

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