After market Rear brake/blinker assembly

Looking for a red after market rear fender and afretmarket brake/blinker kit for the 96 xr 650 L to get rid of the bulky stock one anyone have any ideas. i like the UFO one but does not look like it would fit

I used one from a crf450x had to do some chopping but it looks pretty trick. I also installed the led tail light and brake light I mounted a fender bag over the gap on the fender( the crf seat must be longer) then I made a plate mount on the battery box and I have a led lite mounted on the fender that lights the plate. if your nervous about mounting the plate side ways like I did it will work the normal way it would just stick out alittle

led liceense 005.jpg

led liceense 008.jpg

fender 001.jpg

fender 002.jpg

fender 004.jpg

The end result looks pretty good. Thank you

i see you vented your front fender are you still running the tank shrouds on the side as well

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