best suspension settings for a stock 07 450..

Hey guys. just wondering how everyone set up there stock suspesnsion up.. i havnt touched the clickers yet.. but i havnt done much but broke in the bike.. and im just trying to fiqure out a starting point. my stats are these

about 180-190 pounds.. desert and track riding.. More track then desert...


YZ450F Suspension Settings

Forks: Comp- 9 out

Reb - 9 out

Raise fork tube to line on fork

Shock: Comp- 10 out

Reb - 8 out

HS - 1 3/4 out

Sag - 100mm

exact same bike but had the suspension done by pr2 but I can give you the specs they set it at.


compression: 10 out

rebound: 9 out

oil level: 345ml

oil viscosity: 5 wt

spring P/Load- stk

Spring rate: .46kg/mm

fork height: stk


Comp HI: 2 out

Comp LOW: 14 out

Rebound: 7 out

Gas Pressure 140 psi

Spring Rate: 5.5 kg/mm

Race Sag: 104mm

Free Sag: 25-35mm

Best suspension I have tried out so far.

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