street legalize wr

Any successful info on street legalizing a 01 WR

canadian model?? any help appreciated. It is already registered in CAl some how got red sticker, will try and change apon new reg.

Where did you buy the Canadian WR 426? Does your

VIN have a C or 3 in the 8th digit??

I'm in the almost the same place with my 02 WR. The VIN is clean with no check digit and Mission Yamaha has assured me that the bike will get a green sticker. I am waiting for the title now.

The red sticker you got is a DMV screw up I hope.

Who submitted the DMV paperwork? Was it the dealer?

With your title and the proper 'Statement of Facts' for working lights, horn and turn signals you can apply for a motorcycle title with license plate at the DMV. The Canadian bikes have a clean VIN number and should fly though the computer without getting flagged. Do not attempt the dual registeration route. The DMV is fighting any one attempting to get both a green sticker and license plate.

I'm not sure I agree with the last post...dual registration worked for me. I have a 2000WR Canadian version. The eight vin number does not have a c or 3. When I bought the bike I paid for the green sticker fee. Then when I went to dual sport it, I brought the proof of street equipment,the pink slip and proof of previous registration. I told them I wanted both registrations. They were having a hard time figuring it out, so I gave them the Baja instructions on how to do it. They checked the vehicle code book per the instructions and the office manager. It all checked out and that was it. They gave me a plate without even looking at my bike.

Good luck. It's great bike for dual sport or stripped down for motocross/trail riding.

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