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ok new england vintage riders....

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i need to find a bike for my dad! ever since i've gotten more and more into riding, hes just been wanting a bike more and more. back in the 70s and 80s he had the classic bikes in his garage, like the superrat and a couple pentons. he started racing huskys in the 80s, sold them when he realized he had a family and it was too dangerous. well now hes been poking on ebay and it seems that all the bikes are on the other side of the country...my wimpy trail bikes arent enough, clearly hahaha, and you should see him on an 85, well if hes like that on a big bike then hes not halfway bad. hahaha.

well anyway, i need youre guys help finding my dad a bike. in New England. a husky or a honda from 75-85. not a trail bike, but a race bike [CRs.] stock for the most part. and it doesn't have to be in mint condition. i dont want to spend over 2000. i know this is gonna be hard, but im sure i could do it. please? help a thumperette in need! thanks.

heres a pic of him racing in the 80s on his husky cr250 -


thanks again!

kiwi aka carol ann

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