What kind of pipe would you get for a 06 all stock Wr450. Its for my dad but he does all dessert riding and maybe something under $500.

I added a powercore ti slip on to my all stock 05 and it added some more ooomph without being too loud, also lost 2 - 3 pounds off the back of the bike.

It's a cheap muffler also think I paid around 260 for it, you could add one of these and a powerbomb header for under 500 easily.

Whatever you end up deciding, go Ebay. I picked up (new in box all around) a GYTR carbon fiber silencer and a FMF powerbomb header for $500 total. 2 seperate purchases, but they are out there, unused.

get a white bros they are the best, why do you think chad reed beat james stewart ?:applause::lol::applause::cry:

Why doesn't anybody ever do a search anymore???

Why doesn't anybody ever do a search anymore???

I did one the other day! It felt good:applause:

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