liquid under stator cover....


new to me 2005 Xr650r

I took the stator cover off today to rewind the stator.

When I removed the cover some liquid drained from the space where the stator is housed. Some of it was clear like water, but some was a milky light brown color ... I thought the inside of the stator was supposed to be dry ???. I also drained the oil, it looked fine, no discoloration

or evidence of coolant. should I be concerned...

There was not alot of liquid, 2-3 tablespoons



It's not uncommon to have some oil inside the stator housing-usually caused by overfilling the oil at some point. Water is no big surprise either as the seal around where the wires exit ain't the best. The brown milky appearance is likely due to water & oil mixing inside the cover due to agitation. Just get it good & dry before reassembly, use a new gasket & some decent silicone around the wires to minimize the chances of it happening again. That and make sure to follow the oil level check in the manual to the letter to prevent overfilling. Good luck with the rewind. Did mine myself and have been very happy with the results.

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