radiator repair?

any one ever use mylers radiator repair service before? I emailed them for an order form, to my suprise they said just mail it to them with a return adress they would get it back to me! just wanted some testimonials, Thanks!

Mylers .... my experience in one word ...Excellent!

Quick (very quick ), good price, good customer service.

Do a search. You'll be hard pressed to find one bad word mentioned.

Myler's is top notch. 1 day turnaround, reasonable prices, nice people, and they fix them. Don't even think twice about using them. They are the best that I have seen.

right on thanks gents!

i got a local radiator guy fix my yz125 rad for 45$ done in 20 minutes(did right when i was there). great quality. maybe try to fins someone local instead of shipping it out you be suprised what you would find. they ussualy fix like car radiators and heater cores stuff like trhat

Mylers will fix so that it is to manf specs. Meaning-bolt whole locations. This is important when adding radiator guards after your repair. My guards bolted right up after I got mine back.

Damn!i wish i asked this question months ago instead of buying new ones

Ya I bought new ones too but one of mine was leaking 1 week before Christmas so I just bought new fluidyne's.I will have the old radiators fixed by myler's but have not yet the new ones cost so much can't afford to have it done yet.

:applause: I just got it back, the did a fantastic job, it cost me 75 bucks for the repair, and shipping both ways! you cant beat them! I reffered the local bike shop to them!

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