Can you put SS valves into a head that installed Ti valves?

(SS- stainless steel of course)

Hi there

can u use SS valves into a 2002 YZ426 that has Ti valves as standard?

What are the advantages of using Ti valves compared to SS valves?

Has anyone done this to there bike and swapped them over without complications?

What difference in power is there from using Ti valves to SS valves

Any suppliers in the USA u wood recommend to buy from and that would senhd to me in Australia?



You can use ss valves in the 426 but you should also have a spring kit which is exspesive for the yzf bringing the cost simlar to just replacing your oem valves and using stock springs .

The thing I wonder with the 426 is whether either the OEM SS valves from the 2000 model can be used with the springs from the '00 to match.

Or, if the Yamaha valves don't fit, could the '00 springs be used on aftermarket SS valves?

The spring ARE necessary, one way or other, though, make no mistake. The SS valves are nearly twice as heavy.

IMO, the OEM Ti valves are as reliable as anything you can use.

the valves are the same dimensions from 2000 -2002 and then changed after that so 2000 valve train components will exchange

thanks guys for info...good to know

one questions any sites you would recommend to buy them from in say the USA?



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