GPR Steering Damper ???

Does anyone have any opinions about GPR dampers? Thanks, Rick CT

They work as good as any. Their customer service is second to none. Scotts ahd a few more adjustments, but I don't know anyone who uses them. GPR is constantly updating and improving their produce, when they make a change all you do is send yours in and they update it for free.

:) Got one and LOVE IT! much easier to use than scotts,you can adjust on the fly.I've had it about a year and no problems.

Ok can you guys inform the ingorant,I have been thinking about getting a steering damper but don't exactly understand how they help. I have been having problems with my shoulders after a ride. last weekend I tore a muscle in my right shoulder and I didn't have any drastic spills. Most of my riding is in the woods, will this be affected by the damper.



You say the GPR is easier to use than the Scotts. How can that be? They both adjust the same concerning on-the-fly adjustments. Funny how you don't know anyone who uses a Scotts. Out here (east coast) all I ever see are Scotts dapers except for an occasional WER. I've never met anyone who wasn't impressed with the Scotts unit. Then again, I've never met anyone who wasn't impressed with *any* damper.

I do know people who use scotts.Two of them sold there scotts to get a GPR.Sorry I'm not trying to start somethig.

I'm not trying to start anything either. Just curious how you can say one is easier to use than the other. Why did the two guys switch? Just trying to find out why one is better then the other, or *if* it is at all.

I put a GPR stabilizer on about 2 weeks ago. I was somewhat skeptical about all the hype associated with steering stabilizers. I will have to admit: The GPR makes a BIG difference!

I'm sure Scotts would do the same. I think you will find it to be a good investment.

:) Love my GPR, I like the big numbered knob vs. the click counting on Scotts. All dampers make a big difference when working right.

I've had my GPR for over a year and let me tell you it has more than once saved my behind.( however I do still tend to crash on ocassion) It works good on trails just run a lower setting. You will never want to be without a stabilizer once you try it. Where they really save you is in terrain where you could get the handlebars jerked out of you hands or cross rutted in soft stuff. The Scotts at the time of my purchase was too pricey, the only thing GPR doesn't have is a slow speed setting

Maybe I can help. I have a Scotts dampner on my 01 520 EXC and a GPR on my 99 WR 400. Both are fine products and help a lot in the high speed riding we do out here in the desert. I have been using dampners for the last 6 years and they do make riding easier especially on a nervous bike like the KTM.(Is that a bad word on this board?)

The Scotts has slightly more adjustabilty. It has 3 different circuits that can be adjusted. Most people don't know how to perfrom all the adjustments and only use the high speed damping knob. These guys started the dampner game and know their stuff. Any service work performed by Scott's will certainly be charged at a hefty rate but the response and work is good. I have broken a steering arm and a weld on frame stem(in the middle,not the weld) on the Scotts setup.

The GPR is built a little more stout and holds up very well to hard riding. They do offer a life time warranty and will rebuild your dampner on the spot at the races. The large center knob is easier to adjust on the fly but you really shouldn't have to adjust it repeatedly during a race. The GPR is less expensive.

The bottom line? In my opinion, if you want the most advanced dampner and want to adjust it, maintain it and can afford it, the Scotts. The GPR is a fine product too and really will serve most of us humans very well. If I was to buy one new tomorrow I would get the GPR.

How's that?

Hey mxtuner, they sold the bikes with the scotts dampner on them and when they bought new bikes they went with the GPR. I didn't ask why. I don't see them very much.Next time I see them I'll ask.

Oh yea , I read where you do suspension work. What would you suggest for me I'm 5'8" and 155 lbs. I ride woods all the time with lots of rocks , lots of roots,some very tight stuff. what would you change and what is the cost?

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Thanks Guys! As soon as I get a job, been four months now! this will be my second purchase after a new set of tires.



Did the GPR dampen in the same way as the Scott?

Does it dampen away from center and let return to center freely.

I've heard it dampen both ways...

Are the 6 available setting are all usable in real world or if some are useless?

Thanks for your time



The early versions of the GPR dampend both ways, now they are updated to dampen away from center only. I heard they now have 24 positions on the gpr rather than 6.

I have the Scotts on my YZ and love it. I bought the large knob from Scotts just because it looks cool. I never adjust the thing, just set it 2 turns out and ride, it works great. All that said, I took a GPR from a friends bike and tried it sone time back. I could tell no difference, but I'm not riding like Destry. When it comes time to buy a new one, I'll go with GPR to save some cash. Meanwhile, I crashed hard the other day and need to send the Scotts in for a rebuild, it began leaking from the top seal.

There are 5 main reasons I chose to go with the GPR and they are all based on the feedback I gleaned from this board:

1) The company seems to have the best reputation for pre/post sales service and support.

2) A lifetime warranty on the product, including repairs/rebuilds at no charge

3) They manufacture their own unit right here in the US, not outsource it.

4) They are less expensive and offer the Thumper Talk members a discount and free shipping.

5) I was very impressed with them when talking to them on the phone. Which is not to say that Scott's personnel are not helpful, as I've ordered things from them in the past.

I have ordered a GPR with Top Clamp they recommended. I will update with pictures and first impressions after I get it set up.

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