92 Xr 600 R

Hi everyone.. do any of you know if and where you can get rear foot rest for an 92 XR600R. ive seen them on south american, asian and southern european bikes. but i can't find them any where.

Thanks Jack ; )

I have some that came off a '93 XR600 that I'm not going to use, I assume they would fit on yours. I can get some pictures of them and send the pics to you if you want to see them. Just shoot me your email. Thanks,


I have some off a 91 XR250L. may fit but don't know. Am parting out a 1991 XR250L

Don't bother spending so much, have a nut or tab welded to your frame and install generic buddy pegs. You can find them at any local cycle store or ebay for about $15. It makes the passenger position much tighter against you which is good or bad (you'll notice the baja set bracket drops down the frame tube a few inches). Wife = fun. Friend while going to the store to get a replacement bolt for the one he snapped on his bike while he grabs onto your love handles for dear life = no fun.:applause:

In danish lwa i can not weld them on. it looks like the ones from baja has to have a bracket weldet on?

I live in denmark. but id like to see the foto's of them.



Email sent


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