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Carb/jetting problem on 99' TT250R???

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Just got back from Death Valley and put about 130 miles on the yamaha, seem to have a strange issue going on.

Bike starts, warms up and idles like a purring cat, super smooth. After holding the same speed for more than a few minutes the bike begins to stumble like it is getting fuel starved, or like the plug is loading up like the bike is running to rich. If you crank on the throttle and maintain a different speed it seems fine for a while, then the same thing. If you down shift and give it a bunch of throttle, no problem pulls strong.

Previous to me getting the bike it was my Dad's and sat in storage for about 1.5 years. Emptied the fuel tank, took carb apart and cleaned replaced a couple seals and made sure the intake manifold was sealed.

Bike is a four stroke.

Any ideas?

Thanks Josh

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