07 WR450 mods - HELP!!!

Does anyone know what needs to be done to make the WR450 go fast?

I've removed the exhaust stinger, cut the annoying throttle stop and clipped the gray wire. These mods have helped, but I hear there is more, like jetting.

I ride in the low and high deserts of SO CAL so if anyone knows what the spot-on jetting should be (if different from stock), it would be a big help. Since getting to the carb is such a pain, I'd like to get the jetting right the first time.

The bike is backfiring a lot since the initial mods. Any thoughts?

Airbox/air filter mods? How bout race gas? Anything.

I'm an old two-stroker and comparing this bike to my previous bike - KTM 300MXC is a bit disappointing.


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