Cam chain sprocket question?

When reinstalling the cam chain sprocket, are the bolt holes symmetrical?

no it will only go on one way

my bad i was thinking of another engine.

no it will only go on one way

No that's not so,the holes in the cam sprocket are symmetrical.

Okay? LOL. So far it's 1 and 1. Any other responses?

They are symetrical and it CAN go on either way. It's marked 180 degrees so it doesn't matter how it goes on, as long as the crank is lined up and the cam lobes are facing back (as shown in the manual)

Ill make it 3 in 1. It will go on either way but it doesnt matter. On most dirt bikes the spark plug fires every stroke, so the cams are the only thing that determines which stroke you are on. (Basically it will work either way) Like MED sayed, just make sure your timing marks are lined up and use loctite on the bolts. Once its timed, I always turn the motor through a full cycle and recheck the marks. Sometimes the chain doesn't seat well on that motor.

When I took my cam sprocket off,the holes looked like they were cut into slots. I'm guessing they are not supposed to be. Should I buy a new one?

Symmetrical, it will go on either way. No reason for it not too.

On engines where that is not the case it will have 4 marks to designate position as opposed to 2 like on the CRF.

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