Oil question that doesn't belong here...

...but this forum has the greatest concentration of technical knowledge IMO, and I didn't get much response in the smoker forum.

Mobile 1 Racing 2T premix oil...by chance does anybody know anything about this stuff? Mobile 1 products are good stuff but I haven't seen this until today at an auto-parts store. It is only $7.00 qt so about half the cost of good quality 2T oils like Motul 800.

Gray, if you really, really don't want this thread here just kill it...I've already posted in the Yami 2T forum.

I would try it I personally see no difference in any of the oils they all run just as well. if its $7 a quart it must be decent.

When I was riding a 2 stroke it was my favorite oil. Bought it at Autozone. Burns clean, never fouled a plug.

I have had no personal experience with this oil. Friends that use it seem happy with the performance and burn quality. I do use Mobil 1 20w-50 in my truck since I brought it, no complaints at 167,000 miles.


that oil exists since at least ´93 !!!!!!

I thought it didn´t sell anymore !!

but then again that´s the US over there.

want to know if its good?

i´ve raced a road trophy featuring only the YAMAHA TZR 50cc back in ´95, the engine reach revs up to 16000rpms on a premix down to 2% and never had a seisure.

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