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Buying an "S" tomorrow morning, need advice

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When I bought my 06 SM back in 10/06, I had the fortunate luxury to be a position where I could buy any bike I wanted. Ducati 1098 to a crappy moped.

For me, the DRZ is just what I wanted. I probably could of saved some money/time/effort to of bought a bike with most of the stuff that is now on my SM but... The Japanese bike manufactureres will have parts available for a long time. The cool Euro bikes are here today and sometimes gone tomorrow. Need parts? Thousands of Suzuki dealers, few Euro bike dealers. Plus, the DRZ has a strong aftermarket which does not exist for the Euro bikes.

I will probably never sell it. One day, I will probably retire it. Give a proper restoration and put it in its' place in the 'row of memories' in the shop. My 1990 Yamaha XT350 is getting prepped for that now. At some point, I will acquire some insane Euro bike, but it will be one in a stable.

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