Can't find 17" Rear Offroad tires???

Like fo a 1987 xr600.. Anyone know?

Like fo a 1987 xr600.. Anyone know?

Try a 5.30x17 IRC VE-33. I ran one on my XR350 back in the day. Not great, but pretty good. Lasts a long time. Cheap.


When I had an XR with that 17 inch rim, I also ran the VE-33. I thought that it was the best of the available tires.

Supposedly there is a Metzeler Karoo in that size, and also the very well regarded Conti TKC 80.

Check this.

Dunlap d606 was great off road for my xr350.

I used to run 17" Cheng Shin C-760s on my XR350s, pretty decent tire.

My 350 has a Kenda.

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