Riding on ice

Eventually most of the sludge due to balmy winter so far has frozen. It is hard to describe how cool it is to ride on bare ice. Long wide slides on 5th gear at 65 mph are something that one doesn't get to try everewhere. No need to worry about oncoming vehicles, bikes aren't so common at this time of year and snowmobiles aren't that good on bare ice. Besides there is enough room...

Mike and others with studded tires, if you have any chance to try, go ahead! I know how I'll be spending saturday!


I agree its great, especially the looks from the sleds. I ride about every other night. I should buy stock in a sheet metal company because I go through so many screws.



I would love to, but all our lakes are snow covered. It is anowing today again. I will remember to try it next year before the snow coveres the lakes.

Good to hear your having fun!

In what part of US (?) do you live? We usually should also have lots of snow here but this winter it didn't snow until christmas. Now there's about 4 - 6 inches of snow when we should have at least a 1 - 1.5 ft of it..

Well, that leaves me a lot of trails to ride and now the lakes too. So I'm not complaining. Besides riding in snow this deep takes a lot of fuel! I usually get about 5.7 liter/100 km consumption and now it takes about 7.2 litres.

Also too much snow makes riding difficult, there's hardly any grip in the rear, the wheel just spins.

So in my opinion, the weather's fine. I hope some more snow though, since I live in a small city and can't avoid asphalt and have lost already some studs from my rear tire.



Check out these pictures of studs of ice use only. I've once tried a CR500 with such tires. Pulling wheelies at 4th gear on ice require a lot of grip. http://www.iceroadracing.com/cgi-bin/show.cgi?Pic=Spike.jpg&cat=1&page=1 http://www.iceroadracing.com/cgi-bin/show.cgi?Pic=Tyre.jpg&cat=1&page=1 http://www.iceroadracing.com/cgi-bin/show.cgi?Pic=CloseUpTyre.jpg&cat=1&page=1

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Those spikes are nuts!!! I think thay are a bit much for my aplication. Where did you order them from? Do they come in different sizes?

Originally posted by mike68:

Those spikes are nuts!!! I think thay are a bit much for my aplication. Where did you order them from? Do they come in different sizes?

The pictures weren't from my bike. I don't know about sizes.

I found some huge screw yesterday and tried them out last night. They were 1/4 x 1/2 inch long. Hooked up like crazy, though they didnt last long. What size do you guys use? Can you use 3/4 long without getting flats?


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