How to raise bars?

I was thinking of reversing my bar clamps to add height. Do I just order two more OEM clamps and some extra long bolts to do this? Tried to find Thumper Racing's handlebar risers but couldn't locate their site. Thanks.

Here is the web address, I too had problems finding it until I stumbled across it in this forum...<a href="" target="_blank">Thumper Racing


When I phoned they were out of stock.

Reversing the clamps ?? Dunno, depends on the clamps I guess. You could also make/buy/fit a small 'plate' under the clamps and get longer bolts, I see no reason why that would not work. Its what my Scotts came with (Thanks Taffy)

Someone on here has thumper risers, Pro-Tapers, installed with a Scotts (reversed mounted on their universal mount). This is a combo i may try on the future if I can figure out whether I want to drill & tap my bootefull scotts triples.

On the WR250 you can add another set of clamps and get longer bolts., I tried the bar risers they work great and are fairly cheap, but always out of stock, get the 1x1, the 1.5x1.5 is too far forward. I finally just got a New triple clamp and some Pastrana bend bars, which is almost as high as the 1.5x1.5 bar risers. Another cheap route might be to just get some Jimmy Button bend in the standard 7/8 and bolt them on to your stock clamps, they are the highest standard 7/8 bars you can get.

Here is bajadesigns website:

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I have a drawing of some risers I am having made at a machine shop. They will raise the bars 19mm and move them 33 mm forward. I can e-mail a picture of the drawing to anyone interested in going this route.

Go to a wreckers and find some bar clamps off any other old beast and see whether they fit. I bought Yamaha ones and they cost an arm and a leg but found similar ones on an old farm bike (ER 185) which would work. It is a simple but great mod.

Hey Woodzi, yeah please please e-mail me that drawing! I'm in Montreal but you can e-mail me in english if you like. :) ( inside joke for Canadians )

I'm the guy with Thumper 1.5" risers, Pro Tapers, Applied TC & Scotts stabilizer...

My digital camera is giving me trouble so it will be a couple of days on the picture thing - I'm trying :)

The problem with stacking bar mounts is that as the mounts get taller they also get closer to you - not what you're looking for. The thumper risers are the ticket - I'm suprised that no one else makes risers that tall.


Here's what I did to raise mine:


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Rich in Orlando: that is one of the finest examples of simple ingenuity I have seen in a long time. I'm gonna try me that mod asap.


I took pictures last night and got them on the CD - so I can either e-mail them to anybody interested or somebody can tell me how to post the darn things. I'm not sure how to shrink the file.


Utahmotorcycle adventures.

I just put on a GPR system which required I take off the Thumper Racing Risers. They cost about $90 retail I will sell them for $60. Rode with them twice before purchasing the stabilizer/riser system from GPR.


If Utah isn't interested I am if they are for ProTapers.


Sorry, they are for standard 7/8 inch.

you guys can try they have higher stand offs and farther foward ones also.

NVR FINISH...check personal mail...

As for putting picture on the web:

1) Your pictures have to have a home somewhere on the web already, you can only link to them with TT.

2)So if you have a home somewhere... go to your picture on the web and copy the web adress (URL) from the adress bar.

3)When posting a message or replying, scroll the screen down and you have some grey buttons. The bottom right button labelled "image" is what you need. Click on the button. It asks for a URL. Paste in the URL of your picture. Click OK.

You'r done. Just post your reply and your picture will appear!

It just occurred to me that for non standard triples like my scotts, if I remember correctly the entire bar clamp (both top and bottom) are 'loose'. So I GUESS I can use the TOP part of my standard 7/8 stock clamp as a spacer UNDERNEATH the bottom part of my ProTaper clamp. Have to check when I get home. May save buying/making some special spacers/risers for ProTapers. Theres nothing like actually using the stuff you have lying around instead of shelling out....I'll let you know.


If you still have the Thumper risers I may be interested.

Which rise are they - +1" or +1.5"?


i have some of the adapters that let you run a protaper bar , e-mail at they raise the bar a little bit , what are they worth $$? i am not using them, please make offer!!

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