Exhaust questions??

Hello again,I'm working on a '06 yzf 450',I'm curious,what is the best slip on

exhaust for this bike,I noticed that stock slip on is straight through approx.

1 3/4",I can't see an aftermarket adding any more horse power,but only

depleting my wallet!?..I had an '04 yfz 450' and used the GYTR slip on

from yamaha,and there was a noticable improvement,but only because the

stock slip on muffler had a spark arrestor/noise restrictor on the end of it.

The stock slip on muffler on the YZF 450 has no restrictions at all!..and I

can't see how an aftermarket slip on would make a difference:crazy: are

there any guys out there that did dyno run's for actual number's for different

exhaust system?..or is it all "Seat of the Pants"? THX ED:ride:

If you run a search, you'll see that this subject has been beat to death with a broom stick. :applause: For the newer bikes, just adding a slip on is really only going to hurt your wallet, although you might notice slight gains in power with a select few. If you want to wake a sleeping dragon then you need a full system. I'm going to plug MRD right here, although there are many systems to choose from. Baron Von Beard uses his slip on only, For my self, I chose to get the lo/mid system. Then you get a real kick in the pants, and it's not your wallet hurting. For the price (under 400) you can get a full system shipped, then take the extra money you saved and send your carb over to ZIPTY racing for their mod ($100) Then you would have a real fast scoot on your hands.:applause:



or www.ziptyracing.com

or do a search of the AP MOD if you don't want to spend the $100

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