Big XR a good choice?

I am looking to grab a bike over this summer and am wondering if the bug XR would be the right bike (I have also been looking at KTM two-strokes).

This bike will be used daily as a short commute (5 miles or less) bike durring the week, and then I could throw another set of wheels on it so my dad could ride it off road with us. He is ~250 lbs and I "stole" his 450 by riding it alot get starting to race it. He wants a bike with plenty of power off road, but something that will be comfortable and not beat him up like an MX bike.

How will the XR fit this role? I am currently looking at the l model, is that what I should be looking for?

Finally, what year ranges should I look for? I am willing to spend between $2000 and $3000.

If you are only commuting short distances on the road, then going off-road, definitely go with the 650r. Easy to get it road legal. No comparison off-road, the R is the way to go. Much lighter, better handling, better power. All years are the same except for some very minor internal modifications to fix some quirks. You should be able to find one in your price range.

A late model XR600 or early XR650 would definitely fit the bill. I just bought a 1993 XR600 with low miles and I love it. I owned a KDX200 and had done some road riding with it and it is not very fun. Running a 2-stroke at high rpm's on the road vibrates the tar out of you. I owned a 200KTM 200 before that and same thing. The 2 stroke is great in its element (tight gnarly trails), but the XR can do the road work easily and will be excellent for the open off road stuff and capable on tight trails. Just my 2 pennies.

thanks for the replies

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