Bought an 01 YZ426, back in the saddle

Great site guys, spent most of yesterday researching everything I could learn about the YZ 426, so I went and looked at it last night and will be picking it up Saturday night. I haven't ridden a dirt bike in almost 15 years but have been on street bikes, quads and sleds regularly for the last few years.

The bike has a few scratches on the front fender and a broken clutch lever but besides that it looks great. Engine ran good. It was a good price as well so I thought what the hell. I'm going to buy a manual for it and change all the fluids and check the valves before I take it out. Also gonna double up my life insurance! Thanks for all the great info on here guys and I will definetly be more of a regular around here!!

Edit: I'll get some pics up when I get it home tomorrow night!

Glad to hear you got a YZ 426. Check all the bearing locations for grease and change the oil if you cannot tell for sure when the previous owner changed it. Search here for the starting drill bit do the 450 DCM or a Hot Cams exhaust cam for starting ease. The aces here will come in with good info for you so check back often.


sweet bike! I love my yz426

Welcome aboard. TT is a great asset for information.

I'll agree with Florida_426 and skwerlee. I love my 01-426. It's way more bike then what I NEED but that's the whole idea. Always have more available, Right?? :applause:


Congrats on the new ride. And welcome to TT. :applause:

You are going to love it!

Good choice!:applause:

And, if Grayracer or GA426rider give you advise, listen and learn. They and several others know their stuff on the YZ 4xxF bikes.



you may want to dl the manual too

everyone will tell you to buy a hotcam. i don't have one because i still start my bike first or second kick everytime. try not to jump into it

good luck

I found the manual and I am going to download it and print it. I've also researched a couple mods that seem to be popular. The Auto decompression cam seems to be a hit but I'm going to just hold off on it and see how well I can catch on to starting this thing without it. I pick up the bike tonight and have already memorized the starting procedure. I'll try and get some pics up of it tomorrow. Anyone else have anything I should be looking out for or doing before I ride this bike? How hard is it to check and adjust the valves?

Congrats on the new bike, I just picked up an 01 426 myself last week, like the other guy said more bike than i need, but thats the point! Good luck

This thread reminds me that I need to put my '01 426 up for sale. Don't get me wrong, it's a great bike. I rode it until I bought my '06 450 and now it just sits in the garage. (sigh):applause:

Congrats on your new bike!

Welcome, nice looking bike. You will like the 426.:applause:

welcome to the club...hang on & have fun!!

I just bought an '02 426 on saturday. AWESOME bike. Have fun with it.

Me TWO! I just picked a 426F '01. First inspection and ride .. I was in awe. Use to ride CR's and Rms at Bridgehamton (sand) backwhen.. But know I wanted to keep up with the kids thru S. Jersey. (sand) Got it home and it did start right up. Wollowed in the sand in the back a little just to put my PITA neighboor on notice :applause: It is loud (hast 2" muffler mod) and was just awsome.

But know after a little riding and some closer inspection I think this bike needs some work.

Front brake caliper leaks, dripps when used. And there is a dent in the rim.

Well all in all it is used and I expect to dive into it soon.

thanks for such a great board and yes I am officially in my mid life crisis

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