Need Some Help

redecently due to some moron putting my piston in backwards i needed to buy new valeves ive got everything back to where it needs to go and im just about done but whats odd is when i torque down the head to the cylinder it no longer wants to crank it just binds up until i lossen all the bolts anybody got any ideas whats wrong?

is the plug in the head?

yes but its not the issue, its not like ita got compression it siezes and wont move at all

Sounds like the piston is coming up against the cylinder head. Are you sure that the correct piston is installed?

i thought that too but it was running before and quite well so i doubt it

Are you saying that someone took the piston out,reinstalled it backwards,that bent the valves,you then repaired the valve damage,took out the piston and reinstalled the correct way? If so,did you check the rod for bending?

well my dad decided to help me install the piston while i was teaching so when i got home it was already in my dad whos been a mechanic for 30 something years so i figured he did it right but he didnt relize there was a marker on the piston for which direction it goes so when i finished the motor there was minor pistin slap did blow immediatly took about 200 miles then inally went but i checked the rod there was absolutly no resistance when i took it out i mic'd it and it is prefect thts why its such a brain bender

You didn't install a new piston?

the first time on the second time? theres no need to install a new piston with less than an hour on it, nothing is damaged on the piston so yes im using the same piston id rather not spend 200 for a new one

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