Actual Length Of 68S Pilot....?

I just received my jets in the mail from Baja Designs. My only concern is that my invoice shows 68S for the pilot, but on the actual jet it only has "68" stamped on it.

I measured it to be 1.105" in length and was wondering if anyone can confirm that this is the correct length for the S (short?).

Thank you!

They sold and sent you a standard keihin 68 pilot jet. That is just not right if what you are ordering is a 68's'.

The length is the same between them though. What is different is the emulsion holes on the sides of the fuel tube. The 68's' has smaller holes than the standard Keihin 68. This translates to a different effect between idle and deccelaration characteristics. The fuel tube and orifice itself is the same diameter between the two pilot jets.

You can get a true 68s ordering from your Honda dealer. Have them order the pilot jet from the XR650R carb parts screen on their computer. It will list it as only "68" within the part number but it will be a genuine 'Honda' 68s. The 68s is a Honda specific pilot jet version.

Thank you very much for the response, and the information. I will contact my local Honda dealership to get the correct pilot.

I wonder if Baja will accept a return on the pilot that I ordered.

Glad to help. Baja designs should accept returns, especially for wrong parts. I don't know aht they charged you but hopefully it is worth it to mail it back.

You could use the standard 68 but I would rather have the 68s myself also.

I was able to make contact with my local Honda dealership. I ordered the 68S from them using part number: 99105-MBN-0680. They show this to be a standard 68 for the XR650R. Once it arrives, I will compare it to the one I received from Baja designs.

I called Baja about returning the one they sent me, but it would cost me as much to return it as I would be credited for it.. So, anyone need a NEW Keihein 68 pilot jet? I will give it to you as long as you pay for shipping....

too bad about the mailing cost back to Baja designs getting in the way of the credit back. I figured as much though. They need to be made aware of what they are doing, selling the wrong actual jet that most guys actually want.

As i mentioned in my first post, the Honda part number does not

  • an 's' in the pilot jet part number but rest assured that it is in fact a 68'S' and will of course be stamped as such. Be sure to show it to the parts guys when you pick it up to show them that the XR650Rs pilot jet is a Honda specific version of the standard 68 keihin pilot jet. Bring your existing 68 and compare and show them the difference in size of the side emulsion holes between the two pilots. It will be quite noticable. :applause:

Just searched this out. I recently opened up my air box on my 650r and now i have the dreaded flat spot. The forums tell me that i need to go bigger on the high speed. Thats fine, i just pulled the bottom off the carb and i have a 175 main but also noticed that the low speed jet has nothing written on it at all. Seems strange to have no numbers. I'm now wondering if that jet wasn't changed when i had the hrc kit put in at the dealer when i bought it. The 68s has it written on it right? Any idea"s?

This has been posted several times, but if you go down to the bottom of the page and you will see the difference between the 68 and 68S Pilot jets :thumbsup:

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