Hot start needed (w/ choke) on cold start?

Just replaced the piston/rings on an '05 450 and, while it's below 30 deg F, starting it is a little unusual so I thought I'd poll for your opinions. I do the regular drill for cold start (gas on, choke on, throttle twist x 2 or 3 then kick), and after several kicks through, a twist or two more of the throttle, more kicks with no, I thought, what the heck, I'll pull the hot start to lean it out a little and it fires right up. I'm going to pull the jets to see if my pilot is clogged or the wrong size, and also tinker with the fuel screw.....I don't have this trouble with my other '05 450. Anyone have any ideas? I figured with the cold temps, it would be overly lean, but to have to pull the hot start in order to fire it, it doesn't make sense to me. Once it starts and warms up a bit, it fires right up as expected.

Also, valves are checked and in specs......

Opening the hot start has roughly the same effect as opening the throttle slightly, which I do on my '03 as a matter of routine, because that's what it likes. It's usually a one kick wonder when it's cold.

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