Nice plug for Factory Connection

I got my forks and shock back yesterday and installed it just in time to take a quick spin behind the house on my personal woods section, tight trees with roots and a few ruts and it was wet. WOW this thing rips in the woods now.:applause: Completely transformed my bike into what I always dreamed for a sure footed, planted powerhouse of a motorcycle. It floats over the roots and ruts, no more wheeling out of control from the slightest impact on the trail. It steers very good now. Stability is improved overall and dad gummit it is cranking better if you can believe that. I atttribute that to the bike being lower to the ground and giving me more of a foot into the kick now. Before it was so tall I could never get my whole body into a kick. I stalled it once and it fired 1st kick. It even cranked stone cold on the 3rd kick after not being cranked in two weeks. I had thefront re-valved, re-springed with the extra little springs whatever thay are called, rear re-valved, re-springed for my weight, high speed compression spring all for $710 bucks! they threw in a free t-shirt. Suprisingly I checked the free sag and it was within theri specs and my sag was a little shy of the 108mm recommended but after I gear up it will be spot on. Amazing they can set it so close without the bike at all. Clickers wer set for a baseline and so far I like the baseline settings. My front springs are now .45 kg and with 350cc of oil and the rear spring is a 5.1 kg. So see the front only went down 1kg I would have guessed it would have been more. I guess the valving was more of the problem up front. The rear was way to stiff for me as you can see.

Funny thing is they told me to ditch using the seal savers I was running. I questioned the guy about that and he said they were against using those because the ytrap grit up against the fork tube slider. Hmm I am tempted to put them back on after thinking about it today. Man I hate a leaky fork seal and it would take two full weeks to get them to repair it if it did happen. What's the thought on using them from the board, use or to not use?

Learn to do the fork seals yourself. Theyre easy peasy :applause:

Learn to do the fork seals yourself. Theyre easy peasy :applause:

will do, thanks

hey glad to hear that you are loving the FC suspension. I got mine done from RG3 and its awesome too. i have 1 question though....who recommended 108 for the sag?

i have 1 question though....who recommended 108 for the sag?

Factory Connection had that in the settings print out they gave me along with my clicker settings, oil weight and spring rates.

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