XR250 Valve adj question

I believe I did the adjustment wrong with regard to the decomp on the exh valve. If done wrong would it be possible that the valve would hit the piston and bend?

2000 XR250.


If you adjust the RH exhaust rocker with the decomp activated, the rocker will be too loose, not too tight.

That's what I realized after I did it. But now the bike is sounding a bit strange. I was wondering if done incorrectly...like I did...if there was any chance the valve could hit the piston. I would think not, since we're only talking a few thousands clearance.


BTW, the strange sounding/running of this bike was one reason I adj the valves. There was a "cutting" out problem to begin with so I was going thru the bike to eliminate things. Checked carbs, valve adj, etc.

won't hurt to do it again. but shouldn't hit the piston unless your really tight, or floating the valves. I don't know how to explain what they sound like loose... but it does make a noise.

Thanks, I'll recheck all again.

Hey, I have the same problem, but I am not sure about the sound, because I have a loud metal sound coming from the valve system. I already adjust the valves, but I still have that noise. When the valve is too loose the sound is loud?

The more loose the valve clearance is the louder it gets. A loose valve clearance is better than a tight valve clearance, but obviously, an in spec valve clearance is the goal. Valves that are run too tight eventually burn and/or "suck" (break off).

when adjusting valves always turn engine ccw to eliminate the decomprssion mechanism from activating

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