drz400e sprocket configuration?

What sprocket configuaration is best on the DRZ400E for offroad trails with good hill climbs? I have stock configuration right now, which theres never been a hill I haven't been able to climb on it , but I generally like mine geared real low, I have my dr650 with 14 front and 47 rear..

right now seems like for the trail riding I am doing, 1st gear is too slow ,and 2nd gear isn't geared low enuff.. like I'm sorta wanting an in between gear here or something..I was thinking if I geared down the front, it Might make 2nd gear about right.. any ideas/suggestions/experiences?

The E version already has the 14/47 combo, if your doing more tight slow trails and not alot of top speed either drop the front down another or go bigger in the back but if you do it I have also heard on TT that its better to run a bigger rear because too small of a front sproket will wear out the chain faster.

For super tight stuff, you'll have to get comfortable running the bike in 1st at higher RPMs.

I dropped to 13/47 because there were times when 2nd gear was too tall. 14/47 worked great for 97% of what I ride, but now when I need it occasionally, I have a 1st and 2nd gear that's great in the nastiest.

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