Madras MX track

Anyone know if the MX track in Madras is open for practicing? I see they are scheduling races on it for the winter series...

Also, any new info on that new track in Prineville?


we are heading over there now. Racing both days this weekend, supposed to be 58 and dry:thumbsup: Don't know what they have on their schedule except races again on the 17th & 18th.

The Madras track is moving. There will be a new track about 2 miles down the road towards town. Work will start soon and they hope to have it done by May, I think. :applause:

Any of you there this weekend?

I was going to go Sunday, but I decided to stay home and ride. I will be going up there the 17th and 18th if opened though, sounds like it will be fun. Is anyone going to be racing at the Redmond indoor AX? My friend is going to be in the beginner class.

madras was real good this last weekend, they had to water.

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