Big bore kit do i need a oil pump and cooler???

I have recently bought a 88cc bore up kit with a head and barrel i have it running well but when it hot it burbles abit do i need a oil cooler and if i do is it essential to buy a high flow oil pump???? and if so where can i get a gasket set for an 88 kit because when replacing the oil pump i heared that you need to drill out the hole!!!!!



just an oil pump will take care of the overheating :applause:

oil pump

All you need is a new high volume oil pump and a right side cover gasket. Also you'll need a special clutch nut tool because you have to take off the clutch basket (Witch is pretty easy to do) I suggest a punch screwdriver because some of the clutch and oil pump screws are really overtorqued... A punch screwdriver will save you a lot of time and you won't scrap the screws.

The hole you're talking about already exist... You only have to drill it to a bigger size (2mm if I remember well) NO GASKET required for that hole but be carefull with the iron chips. My oil pump came from the BBR kit and the drill was included in the kit so maybe you'll find an oil pump with the drill included !

I don't have any oil cooler for my 88 and everybody told me to let it go unless I have a 110cc and up bike. (Make some search in Thumper talk about ""oil cooler"")

ive got a trail bikes high volume oil pump that i didnt put on with my kit. $15 bucks its urs. its still in the original bad never opened - pm me if ur interested

All u should need is the oil pump. I have the takegawa one and it comes with instructions and if i remember right it comes with the drill bit as well.

Did you richen up the carb Because that can cause heat also??

thanks alot for the advice.........

ive got an oil pump on order



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