Saturday Protest Rally!

This is about the protest rally tommorow (saturday 3rd march), hopefully there should be a good turnout, this thing's been brewing for years, i'll post some pics this weekend :applause:


Ok here's some pics from this weekends little rally :applause:





:applause: Nice to see so many people standing up to keep a riding area open. Looked like a great turnout. Not to mention a phenomenal looking riding area.


:applause::lol: That is the only quad i would think about getting.

It's nice to see people actually doing something about riding areas being shut down.

The rally went really well, hopefully it showed people that we are not rapist's & murderers, we are just people who want to ride our motorcycles in the same spot that people have been using for years, the main problem seems to be people with money who have moved into the area & bought all the fancy lil houses surrounding the valley, houses that local's could never afford, & now they want the valley closed off so motorcycles can't get in there to ride, but in the process it's also caused a problem for horse riders & mountain bikers to get in also, so saturday's rally was basically horse riders & mountain bikers & motorcylists uniting to show just how many people want the valley kept open!

What brought this to a head was basically, the council erected £37'000 worth of fencing around the valley to stop motorcyclists/4x4s getting in, & within a matter of days, the fences were destroyed......

:applause::lol: :lol:

Good Luck keeping your riding area open.

mabye this will serve as an example for us here in the U.S.

Looks like a good turn out, I guess this kind closing to riding areas happens

everywhere.We got are problems out here in cali too.:applause:

That's what pisses me off! :applause: People with a lot of money building huges houses and chalet in the middle of no where then try (and usually succed) to shut any activities for miles around even though it was used fo years. All that for what? People that will come 3 days a year? We have to stop that nonsence!