Mxdn Tix?

If this has already been covered, please feel free to direct me to the pertinent discussion thread.

I was just reading through TFS's weekend window blog and RC's grandfather said he already bought his MXDN ticket.. and I immediately stopped reading.. when did/do those things go on sale and where do you get them from?

I've been to 3 or 4 Budds Creek nationals and there has never been even a remote chance of the race being "sold out" so it never even crossed my mind that I would need to get tickets in advance. I get my supercross tickets a year early but that's because there are limited seats.

I am worried that the MXDN might actually ... sell out.. ??

this must not happen. :applause:

anybody know anything about this?

I live 35min from budds creek and if you havent got your tickets no big deal. if you dont have a place to stay its a big deal. alot of place here are booked. so i would like into that pronto.

right on. i just moved down from baltmore so i got friends up there.

so it will be like a national then, where you can pay at the gate?

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