help with 2006 450TE!

I was recently riding my 450te when a wobling sound got into the machine. While i kept using it in the trail the worst the sound got. The engine oil was at a correct level and it was recently changed (golden spectro 10w 40 fully synth). The engine never got overheated but I noticed the water in the radiator was decreasing becuase I had to complete it several times during the trip. I really don't know were this coolant went because a checked the radiators and it didn't have leaks and the reservour was not tossing it away. Has someone faced a similar situation, what was it, what could it be?

well there's really only three places for coolant to go. It could be leaking out of a hole in the rad or hose or engine gasket (which you semm to have ruled out), it could be going out the overflow (but you say it wasn't running hot) or it could be a bad head gasket (or water pump gasket) in the motor allowing collant to go inside of the motor. If it goes into the combustion chamber you would likely notice a lot of white smoke pouring out the exhaust. If it's going into an oil gallery in the motor it will turn the oil milky. Do you have an overflow catch bottle?

I checked the oil and its not milky and the engine doesn't seem to be smoking but it has a wobbling sound that scares the :applause: out of me. Yes my motorcycle brought from factory a catch bottle that is located almost under the carburator. the amount of coolant that the motorcycle consumes or dissapears is not that much, maybe not enough to notice it in the exaust smoke. But if this is the case can this water inside the cylinder make enough internal damage to make the engine wobble. Do you have any clue what could the sound be??

Well if it was burning just a little it would still be noticable. Wobbling sound hmm - could you describe it differently maybe? I would listen to the motor closely and try to isolate the location of the noise. Does it change when you pull in the clutch lever?

Pull the water pump cover off and take a peek at the impeller maybe.

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