front brake-no resistance?

ever since i took my forks off along with the brake calliper my brakes have sucked...i have tried bleeding them the traditional way(press lever open valve for a half second n close it before releaseing the lever)and also i way i saw in dirt rider but i think i did it wrong(put the calliper above the master cylynder and tap it so the bubble go into the master cylynder and out of the top)nothing is working....suggestions?

I used a medicine dispenser or syringe that you give young kids medicine with and put a rubber hose on and then hook it to the bleeder,opened up the bleeder and filled the master up from the bottom up,you have to close the bleeder each time you fill the syringe up and removed all air out of it,after I had a full lever bleeded them the old way of punping the lever and opening the bleeder.

Could be a couple of things. First I'd check the calipers, even though they worked before, there could be some fine diret in the causing the pistons to stick. Pull them apart, you'll need compressed air to pop the pistons out, but be Careful, blow out the calipers real good. Use clean brake fluid to coat the pistons, also check the seals while you have the pistons out.

Next it could be a bad master cylinder. There's a rebuild kit avail. that's very easy to install, remove the brake lever, and you'll see a opening, in there is a plunger/ spring thing with 2 gromets, that's what you'll need to replace...been ther done While you have everything aprart, ya might blow out the brake line too..refill the mc with fresh fluid, pump the lever, and begin to bleed, keep an eye on the fluid level, it'll go down pretty quick.

I went ahead and replaced my brake pads too while I had it apart.

Good luck, let us know what happens.

I just had the same issue with my bike. I had to open the bleeder valve and blow compressed air through it till alot of air bubbles exited the master cylinder. Then I bled the system the normal way and it now works.

ooo i like fpmxer's idea it sounds nice and easy...thanks guys ill let you know if it works

yep it definetly worked! its better then it was before i took the caliper off! thanks fpmxer

Not a problem that's what this site is for.

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