Mods for a RT 100

Well my little brother has a 1999 Yamaha RT 100 and i've rode it before an personally i hate the bike but he seems to love it so i was wonderin are there any mods out there for this typer of tryin to help this poor bike out

What mods are you looking for? I would maintain the bike properly as the number 1 mod.

If your brother loves it, leave it alone. A more powerful engine would over-run the suspension. Better suspension would then require better brakes...and so on.

It probably better to have fun with this bike and save for a yz 85 if you want to get crazy!

the 100 will last forever if maintained properly

Your bro loves it and it is not yours. Let him decide!!!

It is a beginer bike so if you want more out of it sell it and get something else

heres me a long time ago on my rt100 jumping it lol , what a bike!


there is not much in the way of mods for the rt100. here are some things i did to mine: remove the snorkel on the air box, change the gearing (after market sprokets), and i noticed a small difference when runing it with the high octane fuel. but if you are going to remove the snorkel, you might not want to do much wet riding, the carb will suck in a lot of water and the bike will run like crap. removing the baffle will help a little bit but it is not worth it cause it sounds just plane bad. good luck, but i do sugest just bying an 85, lots more power, and manny manny mods. happy riding

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