Master link or not

I have a 04 XR250. The Owners Manual and Service manual both show a master link in the chain. I've looked for this thing several times and have yet to find one. I really don't want to ask my wife to look. Am I missing it - does anyone have one without a master link. It is the original chain.

Have you had it on a stand and had a good look at every link? Murhpy's law says the master link will be hiding in a chain guide or counter shaft cover if you don't.

You have a clip style link and it is obviously different from all others on the chain.

It has to be there. Keep looking, maybe the previous owner installed it wrong, so try looking at the other side of the chain for the clip.

I don't even think its possible for a chain not to have a master link...?

I have it on a stand and I've rolled it around and around - looking at every link. I don't have great eye sight but I can't believe I'm missing it.

If your replacing it and really can not find it. I would just cut the darn thing.

But try looking at the other side, ie looking threw the spokes at the chain.

I had already tried looking for it on the wrong side didn't see it. This time I steel brushed both sides of the chain and looked at it with a flouresant work light - I found the missing link. The link was in backwards - the clip would have been on the other side but the clip was missing. By brushing it I remove enough of the crud from around the ends of the pins such that I could see it. I guess the o-rings held it together.

Thanks for your imput.

Hah good thing you found it, that could of turned out bad.

Usually in order to remove the master link, you gotta pry it off with a flat screwdriver. Not surprised at all it held together. Especially since the only way I ever get them on is squeezing as hard as I can with vice grips...

Although, hopefully your stock chain guard/case saver would have save the case, otherwise that could have been a biiig problem.

replace that clip or the whole chain before you go rideing!

Not all o-ring chains come with a "clip" type master link, the DID o-ring chain I fitted on my bike only came with the rivet type master link.

My last DID VM x-ring came that way too (rivet link). I bought the clip style link that is offered as a separate part. A riveted link is really safe if properly set, but a pain for maintenance. It seems that DID is getting some extra income by not including the clip style link anymore, wherein they get to sell us one.

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