Leatt Brace and 661 Pressure suit

Anyone ride w/ the Leatt Brace and a 661 pressure suit together? Particularly the 661 Core Saver Suit. This is the combo I am gonna try when my brace comes in. Just wondering if it will work ok together or do I need to modify the pressure suit. If it won't work I'm gonna send the core saver back.


I saw a kid, about 12 yo, wearing the Leatt with a Core Saver suit a couple of weeks ago. His father had on the Leatt with a standard plastic chest protector. Both of them said they were really comfortable with the brace and barely noticed it while riding--but they did notice it a little. Didn't seem to make a difference what kind of chest protection was used. I did not ask if they had to modify their gear. I believe that mods have to be made to only a few types of plastic chest protectors--and it's a pretty simple mod, cutting a couple of small notches on the front panel for better clearance of the brace. Most are fine. I don't think you need any mods with a suit like the Core Saver, Pressure Suit, etc.

Just a note-- the kid is a fairly fast local amateur, who did not get in the way of another fast local guy Jase Lewis. We were at a private track. Just to let you know that he is a fast guy and is comfortable with the brace. I'm just a Vet looking for all the protection I can get.

I have ordered a Leatt and am considering a Core Saver suit. I like the idea of the neck protection without the fulcrum effect, and having chest and shoulder protection that stays put when I fall. The kid wore the Core Saver over his jersey and it looked like it extended out far enough to protect his shoulders in a fall. I'll probably wear it under my jersey.


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