CRF450 newbie/ stupid ?'s

Hi, stoked to be a part of the Thumper world after many years on a 2stroke...picked up an '06 crf450 the other day, need some general help. Thanks in advance for any assistance....btw, I ride in Colorado if that helps....

I have seen many different suggestions on how often to change oil/ how much to add in both tranny and motor?? Oil filter everytime?

Best way to clean air filter at home?

Are there any certain brands of 91 octane fuel I should avoid?

Any other suggestions/advice is greatly appreciated....brrp

Change oil frequently and filter every 3-5 rides. Use good oil (see your manual). If you don't have a manual, GET ONE! Then read it thoroughly. It answers all your questions, although the advice on tire pressure is dead wrong.

Switch to a Twin Air PowerFlo filter and get rid of the brass cage of the stock unit. Personally I like No Toil oils, but everybody has an opinion. The oil itself doesn't matter that much, so long as it's a name brand and you clean the filter regularly.

Check the oil level regularly, but I'd stick with the stock oil quantity. I've yet to see anyone that can verify those other levels are good ideas. Too much oil is almost as bad as too little.

Run pump gas, premium. No need for race gas unless you have lots of money (feel free to send me some if so).

Keep it in good tires, good oil, add a Boyesen Quickshot and PowerWing and learn how to play around with the suspension settings (again, read the manual --- it ain't nucleur physics) --- and have fun. You will.

thanks a lot El Marko, definetly a big help....

a little confused though, are you saying to get rid of the brass screen entirely? won't it back fire? does the twinair come with a screen? plus you would run additional risk of allowing debris in the motor, wouldnt you?....

sorry if these are novice concerns, but I have been wanting this bike forever and I do not want to screw it up! Plus the $ is adding up, so looking to protect investment...Thanks guys, I have a feeling this website will be an invaluable resource.....:applause:

I still have the brass in my filter cage, runs great with it and not sure you could tell seat of pants. If you keep the stock chain keep an eye out for stretch and lube it every ride. Have fun

WheelyMaple, Thanks for the tip... Wish I was in AZ right now, have only been able to ridd=e once in last 3 months due to snow on ground, supposed to me 60 out next week, counting the hours until I can get out to Thunder Valley for some fun

The TwinAir PowerFlo filters have a black inner foam that's supposed to be protection against backfires.

The brass cage is CYA lawyer-requested junk as 4S backfires where a spark actually gets kicked back into the filter are not common. You might notice that that V-8 truck/car engine of yours doesn't have one.

There's no additional risk of debris getting into the motor--the brass cage isn't for that anyhow.

You might also want to install a PC Racing air box gasket, which helps seal the mating surface of the filter to the airbox. They're cheap, do away with the need for grease and install in about 20 seconds, including opening the package.

If you are going to remove the backfire screen, spend the $30 for the TwinAir filter with the b/f layer. You may never have a backfire. But if you did, it would be $30 well spent. And the neoprene seal is also a good idea.

Another big piece of advice....get all the protection for the bike that you can manage. Especially if your riding off road, but even for the track there are some basic parts that are easily crunched if left to fend for themselves...

Hi, stoked to be a part of the Thumper world after many years on a 2stroke...picked up an '06 crf450 the other day, need some general help. """

Gidday! Glad to hear you're a longtime 2 stroke rider. I'm about to do the 4 stroke changeover myself and was wondering how you're getting on with the 450?

I've got an 06KX250 which is awesome, but I'm feeling the pull to the dark side (sorry Thumper lovers!!)...

How's your riding now? Do you feel faster? Are you actually faster? Would you mind giving me some feedback?

Thanks mate.:applause:


John, I rode 2 strokes my whole life,die hard 2 stroke guy. 3 years ago I thought I would never own a tractor(4 stroke). Then a few guys at the local race track started riding them. I started to notice that they would pull from me coming out of corners:mad: . That opened my eyes, so I started to do some research. To make a long story short, in 2005 I bought a CRF450. That was the best decision I ever made. The power was awesome:eek:

It took a few days to get use to (mainly the engine braking) but after that I found that my lap times were faster (even taking outside lines). It's easier to ride,very controlable,and less armpump.:applause:

Buy one, you'll love it.:lol:

Same here, only without the track part...those daze are long gone. But I was fortunate enough to manage to keep my CR250 when I bought my '06 CRF450R. Now I love them both...guess that makes me a two-timer....

KiwiJohn....I spent at least 2 years debating over 2 vs 4....In the end I kept my 01 cr250 and added the 450....whew, what a rush, Although the thumper is a little tough to get used to in tight corners, it more than makes up for it on jumps and straight-aways....I ride a mix of mountain trails and mx tracks, it is SO much easier to hit jumps and such, the power is ALWAYS there....hope that helps a little, will update as I ride it more....:applause:

I would invest in some Works Connection radiator braces for when you fall & an hour meter. It helps with maintenance:thumbsup:

Good choice in bike BTW:applause:

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