Finally, A Slipper!!!

Good news for those of us who motard our DRZs - STM has released a slipper clutch for us! I got the new Motostrano news letter, saw the link and couldn't believe my eyes. Now all I need is the money to buy one. :applause:

Oh well, at least you found out eventually :cry:

They have been discussed on TT, and several members have fitted them already.

Neil. :applause: :applause: :lol:

had ours for 2 months.

so what the hell do these things do anyway? Im presuming this is like the rekluse?? only controls engine braking on decel.


Hello Eddie,

Thanks for the previous information on the slipper clutch install.

Well I picked mine up and took my old clutch out.

When I went to install the hub, I was faced with something that made me bullsh-t!

The problem is that the hole in the shaft is to small!

My reason for telling you this is to see if you have heard of this problem with anyone else?

The package and instructions say Suzuki DRZ 400.

I guess I’ll contact STM and see what they can do.

Thanks for hearing me out.

i answered your pm.please dont pm me if your going to post in a thread.

im sure you mean the hole in the hub.its not too small its just really tight.

Great. Just when I thought I was done spending money on my bike.

What's the price?

looking back throught an old thread I think it was stated they were msrp $899

Great. Just when I thought I was done spending money on my bike.

If you thought that you are completely :eek:


Neil. :applause::lol: :lol:

Have you had a chance to test it out yet Eddie?

i rode jonathans bike on the as advertised.

I could not find the part number in the TT store for the DRZ400 SM slipper. Can it ot be purchased through TT?

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