nj national enduro?

thinking of hitting the national enduro in port elizabeth nj, was wondering what the course is like , anybody know , im assuming alot of sand.

Not realy that sandy down there, more gravel and dirt.. Be ready for tight woods, some roots..

sounds cool I was thinking sand but oh well!

Not to much sand. Sand is a little further north around the Pine Barrons (ex. NJORVP area). I was going to join the TriCounty Club, but my dad wouldn't join with me, so I don't have all the insider information first hand, but a really good friend is part of the club and I hear the Enduro is supposed to be great. From the meeting I went to everything sounds like they are putting a ton of effort into it. I think the total course is around 70 miles through all kinds of stuff. I would expect a ton of people to be out there racing. They are also holding a National Hare Scramble which is going to be nuts. Last year there were 500 people in the main, not to mention it wasn't even a National! They should have some really nice racing put together this year.

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