I rented from Extreme Arizona


Just got back from my trip to Phoenix. Work sucked :applause: , but the ride with Extreme Arizona was great:ride: .

I had a good time riding with my "guide", Ron (although for some reason he didn't like the technique I use to put my goggles on:prof: ). We rode at Granite Mountain. The trails were fun and there sure is a lot of them:applause: .

The only thing that they might be able to improve on is the quality of the boots and such that they have available for use:thumbsdn: , alot of the boots (and Pants) were missing buckles and just were not in the best shape.

That aside, I had a good experience and would recommend Extreme Arizona to anyone looking to get in some riding while in the Phoenix area:thumbsup: .

That's good to hear. I see Ron and Heidi out at Pima & Dynamite all the time. I've rented jet skis from them. Good to know I can recommend them for dirt bikes. Well, I do recommend them for dirt bikes. Good to know I'm not steering anyone wrong.

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