2006 230f

What price should the dealer give me for a 06 CRF230f (chicagoland area) I called a dealer and they said $3400 OTD. Thanks

That's not too bad...I had several quote me 3700 or more! But I paid 3150.00 OTD and I have an 18 month warrenty (for all the more good that'll do me) Used 06 will be much less and you can find them everywhere.

I paid $ 3375.00 OTD for a 07 .

Wow you guys have it good. My dealer gave me $4,400 for an OTD price. Good thing I bought used.

I got the wifes 07 for an OTD price of 3500 in Sept. 3400 sucks.... you can do better. I understand you might not want to post this, who are you dealing with? I got mine off Liepolds out in Ottawa....


Do you think I can get an 07 for 3400? Thanks.

I got mine for 3700 not including tax.

Do you think I can get an 07 for 3400? Thanks.

You can even get a 07 cheaper then that . just be a hard ass it's just like dealing with a car dealer , I called around for the lowest price first , got the lowest price and used that against other dealers . some dealer went down alittle bit others were firm on thier prices . Wrote out a check for $3375. which was about $300 lower then they quoted ,I said this is all I want to pay for 07 crf230 and they took my check and I took the bike . Just be a hard ass it works.

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