Sdg Tall Seat?

Has anyone tried an sdg tall seat on they're XR400/250 & what did you think of it?

Did it improve comfort or relieve a bad back or make you a better rider at all, i am looking at getting one soon, just wanted to know if they are worth the money :applause:

I have that seat and love it. The foam is much more comfortable and it has a gripper cover that has two grip strengths. The sides have less grip than the top. Very accommodating accessory for me. I am 6'3" tall but not sure about my inseam.

I like it. But it is a little stiffer than stock.

Love them. For those of us over 6 feet tall it makes the distance from sitting to standing a lot better. It takes away that low slung saddle feeling that constantly forces you to the section right behind the gas tank even when you don't want to be there. The gripper seat also helps you maintain your body position on the seat.

Hate the SDG tall seat. I returned it beacause of bad fit and too stiff. The GUTS tall/soft foam with cover for your OEM seat is the way to go.

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