What could POSSIBLY happen?

My son and his cousin were watching old McGrath videos, arguing the fact that in this video he was #1, and the when he retired he was #2...then they begged me..."Can you take us for a ride?" The weather was perfect. We'll just bang around the back yard. What could POSSIBLY go wrong? I put cousin Riley on first, and took him around the yard, noticing that he is now way too big to sit in front of me, so I pulled up next to my house, and told him to climb off and get on back. Bike in neutral, running. In what seemed to be an eternity, but probably was only 3 seconds, Riley managed to 1.) swing towards the right side of the bike to dismount 2.) bang it into first 3.) pull the throttle back about 90% on his way off the bike. I just heard the 600 rev way up, and BOOM, the nose went straight up, almost hitting the top of my pergola, then fell sideways. Neither of us were even scratched. We were both standing there, watching the bike launch into the stratosphere right in front of us. Scared the crap outta me. I am SO glad he didnt get hurt, and I am SO glad I make the kids wear their safety gear. Never know what is going to happen. 8 year old wrecked my bike, one foot from my house, at ZERO forward speed. What are the odds? Here's the pics, and the kids in the yellow is the Thumper Killer. My son is sitting in the black shirt.





P.S. Please don't call Child Protective Services on me.

oh, I guess I need a new exhaust. Thinking about the PC T-4 Slip on. Before I buy one, can anyone tell me if I really NEED the header? Does it make that much of a difference? Or, is it just one of those cosmetic things? Just wondering thanks again. JL

omg you have even worse luck than me... i had something similar happen but bike went down on its side and only ripper off the clutch lever and the mirror. oh well, life goes on. we fix em up again and ride off into the sunset :applause:

Nice sissy bar/back rest. Glad no one was hurt. The header will help with the bottom end torque, the xrs only full stainless system would be my first choice. Which is very similar in design to the slip on you have.

hafta check that out thx...JL...oh, woke up and talked to my wife about how my swollen left hand hurt so much. she told me that I never did let go of the left grip. I held onto it the whole time on its upward spiral. I guess that's what kep it from smashing thru my pergola. that hurts....


Now that is a neutral, (pardon the pun) non bike-specific post that can be helpful to us all, :applause:. It reminds us that bike riding can be full of surprises,:lol:. Good post but sorry for the damage. I am glad everyone is o.k..

One drawback for the bike is that you just lost a great megaphone style muffler that is no longer available from White Bros. Those are great. Megaphones are not that common. It is true that XRs Only makes a megaphone muffler also, or at least they used to...

Remins me of the time my buddy was at the local ORV in front of a bunch of people. Tried to ride up a 2x6 wood ramp into his lifted truck. Got a little to happy with the throttle & ended up on the hood of his truck (just him, not the bike). Damage was minimal but the crowd went wild!

on the HOOD? Actually, I can now see exactly how that happened. I had my 450 come out from under me once, trying to do holeshots. In the grass. Ssshhh. Don't laugh!!!! But that 600 shot up like a ROCKET!!!!

Love the roost mark in the grass in this one!


I noticed that metal assembly that connects the rear of subframe (under the rear light) was taken off-mine was taken off by previous owner when rear fender was replaced.this will weaken the subframe and vibration will crack the weld at main frame

heard you can buy aluminum replacement, maybe that is for another bike, not sure.

take a pic of the header pipes.. as long as its not a 1990 i think u should be good to get a new one. that year mad a wierd header pipe

yeah, I think they were the dual pipes? Mine's a 2000 (SINGLE PIPE) I hear they are interchangeable with the 650L???

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