I need advice. I have a 2006 CRF 450. It has stock jetting, boyesen quick shot, and a power now. I live in sea level altitude in PA. I have tried a 45 pilot jet to get rid of the bog. No good. Does anyone have any tips on the jetting for this altitude to see if I am in the right ball park? I am thinking of just doing the redbeard mod, or the JD jet kit. Any feed back for that? I am a senior rider so I don't need the arm jerking throttle response. I am just looking to get rid of the bog instead of the bog putting me over the handle bars. Any tips appreciated.

i,m happy with the a/p mod, do you use a adjustable fuel screw? the reason i ask i ride sometimes the same alttitude and with the fuel screw i had to go down 2 sizes to a 30 pj for it to run. you may want to check the sticky post in the carburater forum burned has a post in there it was very helpful to me in getting my 06 dialed in

Need more info. Did this start after Quick Shot Bowl and Power Now was installed or........?

It started before the quick shot was put on.. That was why I got it.. The power now not sure.. I put that in from my older bike which it worked great in my other bike. I have adjusted the fuel screw.. Sometimes I can pick it up for it is not as bad. It only does it with a sudden snap of the throttle at low R's. But the R's are high enough it should bog the bike. I had another crf 450 and didnt have this problem with it.

Do you notice any black smoke coming from the exhaust when you whack the throttle?

What is the current jetting in your carb and clip position. Also, just to make sure, is your airfilter clean?

Did the bog get worse or less with the quick shot?

So, did the bog get cleaned up?

The Quick shot help a little, but I still have the bog . The bike seems to pull good down low. Like coming out of a slow corner . But if whack the throttle to lift the front wheel in low Rpm's it bogs at times.But if I roll the throttle it's OK. No smoke,clean filter,I messed with fuel screw , slow jet 42 main 172

my 06 did what you are talking about when i first got it...i turned up the idle and the problem was gone..dont know if that helps or not

my 06 did what you are talking about when i first got it...i turned up the idle and the problem was gone..dont know if that helps or not

and it helps alot to ride in the correct gear....these bikes are NOT cannot chug them.


Your main may be a little to rich. Try a 168 or 170 main. And check your plug to see how your burn is to.

You can do the proper way of checking your plug by riding your bike in 3rd gear and shutting it off or just pull your plug out now to check it out.

Bartlow21, If your jetting is spot on, Idle is set correctly, you should be able to pin it from idle with no bog.

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