TTR125 Carb Cleaning, AGAIN

I had to clean my son's carb for the second time this week. What's happening is the float is getting stuck open and therefore fuel is leaking out the overflow hose at a very high rate, doesn't matter if the engine is running or not, it continues to leak until the fuel is turned off. I hope I got everything out this time. Does anyone else have these problems with the TTR125 carb?

I freaks ya out :lol: had to clean it well where the floats pivot on the sticks, gas pours out....... i had to clean the carb alot due to all the crap in cali gas....... :applause:......

Start from the Tank, remove the fuel Petcock from Tank. Flush out tank with Gasoline. Take apart the Petcock with the two Phillips screws and clean and lube the O-ring when reassembling. Don't forget also to clean out the Choke Plunger too.

If any one needs a different carb, my stock one is laying around. worked good for me, and I never had problems.

How much for the carb?

an inline filter would solve that problem :applause:

The main problem I keep having with my wife’s 05 is do to lack of riding the pilot jet keeps clogging and will only run with the choke on. I added an inline filter and it still does it. I have never found any crap in the bowl so I’m not sure what’s causing it. :applause: Luckily the carb is easy to pull unlike my 426.

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