BD Jet kit & 3x3-How much improvement?

Hi--have the dremel tool ready, the BD jet kit, and the long air/fuel screw ready to go--Q is: how much of an improvement should I expect to see/feel? looking for a general impression--not dyno. Is it "OH WOW!" or more like "oh, wow". Just a general sense--is it really noticeable.

FWIW, riding at about 500 ft. above sea level--no other mods on my 05 400S. It's never overwhelmed me with power (one tooth down on counter), but not bad stock. Hoping for "more". Thanks for input/insight.


Probably more like "oh wow", but every little bit helps. It is noticeable, just not arm ripping power, more like fine tuning.

what is a BD jet kit?

Oops--meant DJ.....been awhile since I ordered and received. haven't felt too compelled to install w/snow on the ground. Forgot it was Dyno Jet. D'oh.

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