15 S before Railroad Cyn. RD.North side..Elsinore

I saw people staging on the North side right next to the FWY (I 15). right before Railroad Canyon RD.Is this a legal riding area?Thanks...Jack

If you mean the dirt area over by the car dealerships- it is NOT a legal area.

However, I've never seen anybody get busted for it. It is a very small area that a lot of people take their kids to learn. The closest legal riding is wildomar for off road or forest roads for plated bikes.

Thanks.It just occured to me that that is Riverside County...Doh!

Jumbo Jack,

Please do not ride there and play it safe by going to the Wildomar Off Highway Vehcile Park...I am asigned to the off road enforcement program for the Sheriff's Department (Moreno Valley Station) and I meet with the deputies who do enforcement in that area. They will ruin your day and cite you. CJ

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